Transitional Alimony Lawyer

Divorce is a huge transition in anyone’s life. Even beyond the emotions and deeply personal transition, both parties need to financially adjust to this new situation. In some cases, a difference in education or careers could make the financial transition much easier for one spouse than the other. If this is your situation, you may have a case for transitional alimony.

Making Your Life Transition Easier

"Alimony," also known as spousal support, is a form of financial support given from one spouse to another after divorce. In most cases, alimony is awarded if one spouse makes significantly more than the other. There are several types of alimony available, each with different timelines and requirements. If you don’t qualify for permanent or rehabilitative alimony, you may still qualify for transitional alimony.

Transitional alimony is given out in one lump sum. Unlike other forms of alimony, transitional alimony is not designed to be your primary form of support for any length of time. Instead, its purpose is to help you make a more streamlined transition to the next chapter of your life. It could be used for moving expenses, a down payment or security deposit on a new home, or any number of other necessities.

Usually, when children are involved, alimony is awarded to the primary custodial parent. Not everyone is automatically eligible for alimony, though. A skilled Riverside alimony lawyer can review your circumstances and tell you if you have a good case.

Riverside’s Family Lawyer

The Riverside alimony lawyers with our firm have years of experience representing clients seeking a form of alimony or spousal support in Riverside and surrounding counties. Divorce is already hard emotionally: don’t be afraid to seek protection from financial hard times as well. If you are facing divorce and think you have a case for transitional alimony, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Riverside family lawyer today.