Rehabilitative Alimony

When you got married, you made a choice together that you would focus on the home while your spouse pursued a career. Now you are facing the emotional devastation of a divorce, and while your spouse’s career is in full-swing, you have fallen far behind in your field. If this is your situation, contact your family law attorney, as you may be eligible for rehabilitative alimony.

Getting You Back Where You Belong

“Alimony,” otherwise known as spousal support, is a form of financial support given from one spouse to another after a divorce. This usually happens when one spouse makes significantly more than the other, or when a spouse left the workplace for several years to focus on the home and now is missing the immediate skills or experience to maintain his or her standard of living. Alimony can come in a few different forms. Rehabilitative alimony is spousal support given for a relatively short amount of time, as a means of support until you are able to establish yourself in the workforce again. Your judge will most likely be the one to determine how long your alimony will last. Although it’s temporary, alimony may give you the time you need to attend school or vocational training, search for jobs, and properly care for your children.

Not everyone is eligible for alimony. If you are currently working and able to support yourself, for example, rehabilitative alimony may not be necessary. Your Riverside alimony lawyer will be able to review your case and explain your options.

Riverside’s Family Lawyer

Our team of Riverside family lawyers has been representing clients for years in the field of alimony and spousal support. If you are facing divorce and think you have a case for rehabilitative alimony, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Riverside family lawyer today.