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Riverside Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Some divorces are an all-out war from the onset. Others are much more peaceful—some couples can agree on the majority of issues, and are just looking for a way to proceed with divorce as quickly, quietly, and painlessly as possible. If you are facing an uncontested divorce, a Riverside family lawyer can help you decide if a collaborative divorce proceeding could be right for you.

Taking the Fight out of Court

Since California is a no-fault divorce state, there is no need to prove anyone’s guilt before a judge just to dissolve a marriage. As a result, attorneys are able to offer many simple and cost-effective divorce options outside of litigation. A collaborative divorce is one of those options. In fact, most Riverside family lawyers will recommend that couples attempt a collaborative divorce before taking their cases to the courtroom.

Much like mediation, a collaborative divorce helps avoid any need for litigation. Still, it is a more formal and structured procedure than a mediation, allowing each party to retain a divorce lawyer to protect his or her best interests. In a collaborative divorce, your lawyers can work together to reach solutions that are agreeable for both parties. Collaborative divorce is also the most cost-efficient option, allowing you to start the next chapter of your life without the burden of court-related debt.

Our Riverside Family Attorney Makes the Divorce Process Smoother

By focusing on negotiation and cooperation over trials and competition, our team of Riverside collaborative divorce lawyers is dedicated to making the divorce process a less traumatic experience for everyone involved. To see if a collaborative divorce is the right option for you, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Riverside family attorney today.