Riverside, CA Family Lawyer

Property Division Alimony

California is considered a “community property” state. In simple terms, this means that all assets acquired during a marriage, with a few exceptions, are considered community property and must be assessed and divided equally during a divorce. This process can be overwhelming, but your Riverside family lawyer can help.

After a divorce, unless a prenuptial agreement is in play, you are entitled to half of all assets and property acquired during your marriage. Still, some assets can remain solely the property of one spouse or another. Aside from selling, how do you split a house, a car, or a family business? These matters require some give-and-take, and can greatly complicate the divorce process.

Our Riverside Family Lawyer Will Ensure Fair Dvision

A good Riverside family lawyer can examine the assets of you and your spouse, consulting with financial analysts and experts to make sure all properties are accounted for and divided fairly. Alternately, if there are pieces of the property puzzle that should be yours alone—a business you worked hard to start before marriage, for example—your lawyer can help you defend your position in court and fight to hold on to what’s yours.

Our law firm’s Riverside property division & alimony lawyers offer quality legal representation in property division cases and disputes between clients in Riverside and the surrounding counties. Your assets are important. When it comes to making sure you have your fair share, don’t take chances. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Riverside family lawyer today.