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Riverside Contempt of Court Attorney

Just like there are certain rules that come with marriage, there are also certain rules that come with divorce. Starting the divorce filing process is all it takes to invoke these rules, which both parties are expected to acknowledge and observe. If you fail to comply with the terms of your divorce, you can be held in contempt of court and subject to stiff penalties.

Protection through Enforcement

Many court orders may be made throughout a divorce, in order to best protect the well-being of both parties. These court orders may involve child support, visitation agreements, alimony payments, or even a restraining order due to threats of domestic violence. If your spouse or ex-spouse is failing to obey a court order, a good family law attorney can help you have that order enforced through a contempt charge.

Alternately, you may find yourself charged with contempt, when you had good or unavoidable reasons for failing to comply with your court order. At our Riverside family law firm, our lawyers know that being found in contempt can have serious consequences, from jail time to the loss of custody rights. If you are facing a contempt charge, a good family lawyer will defend you aggressively in court and fight to preserve your rights.

Our Riverside Family Lawyer is Highly Experienced

The Riverside family lawyers with our firm have years of experience representing clients in Riverside and surrounding counties. If you are being held in contempt or have an ex-spouse who has failed to comply with important responsibilities, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a qualified Riverside family lawyer today.