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Riverside Military Divorce Lawyer

Not all divorces are created equal. If you or your spouse is in the military, you could face legal hurdles that most civilians never have to think about. Because of this, you need the help of a Riverside family lawyer who understands military life and can protect your unique set of needs.

Divorce and the Military

The day-to-day lives of military families can be drastically different from civilian families. It makes sense, then, that a military divorce would pose a much different set of questions than a civilian divorce. If you are a military spouse facing divorce, you might be wondering:

The answers to these questions are different for every case. If you are stationed at March Air Force Base or a surrounding area, speaking with a Riverside military divorce lawyer can help you determine your best options.

Consult Our Riverside Family Lawyer

Our Riverside military divorce lawyers represent servicemembers and dependents alike with compassion and empathy. Whether we are mediating an agreeable dissolution or fighting for your rights in court, we will help you reach an acceptable solution for such sensitive family issues as child support, alimony, and division of assets and debt. If you are facing a military divorce, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Riverside family lawyer today.