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Grandparents Rights

Grandparents can be a huge influence in a child’s life. Unfortunately, in the heat of a custody battle, sometimes it can seem like what a grandparent wants doesn’t even matter. But with the representation of a skilled Riverside family lawyer, you can make sure that your legal rights to visitation do not go unnoticed.

No one should have to fight in court for the simple right to spend time with their grandchildren. Nevertheless, it happens: bitter divorces can sometimes blind parents to what is best for their children. While a grandparent’s rights are severely limited compared to that of a parent’s, you do have options. If you feel like your right to see your grandchildren is going unrepresented, speak to a Riverside grandparents rights lawyer as soon as possible.

Our Riverside Family Attorney Will Help You Understand All Your Options

In some cases, grandparents can even gain custody of grandchildren. This may be a suitable option if both parents have a record of domestic violence, or noted problems with drugs or alcohol. If one or both parents are deceased, you may also have the right to claim guardianship of your grandchildren. A good family law attorney can advise you of your rights and help you present your case in court.

Our firm’s Riverside family lawyers have years of experience defending the rights of grandparents in Riverside and the surrounding counties. If you are a grandparent fighting for custody or visitation rights to your grandchildren, contact us for a free consultation with a top Riverside family lawyer today.