Riverside, CA Family Lawyer

Riverside Property Rights Attorney

During a marriage, you tend to focus on combining your assets as you build a life together. During a divorce, then, untangling those assets can be a complex and exhausting matter. California law has specific rules regarding how assets and debts acquired during marriage should be divided—a Riverside family lawyer can help you make sense of these laws and how best to proceed while making sure your interests are protected.

Equal and Fair Division of Marital Property

All properties, assets, and debts acquired during the course of a marriage are considered “community property” according to California state law. The law also states that all of these should be divided equally at the time of divorce. At our law firm, we know that some items acquired during marriage are clearly yours alone and that some assets may hold special sentimental value to one spouse over another.

Whether you are protecting a family business or fighting for your rights to a spouse’s hidden assets, you need someone who can defend your properties now before it’s too late. Our Riverside property rights lawyers work with you closely, consulting with financial specialists and other experts to determine the true worth of each party and fight for the properties and compensation you deserve.

Our Riverside Family Lawyer Has Years of Experience

Our team of Riverside family lawyers have years of experience representing clients in divorce-related property disputes. Whether we settle your dispute in mediation or take your case to court, we work hard to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible. To schedule a free consultation with a top Riverside family lawyer, contact us today.